Socialism?  Three generations and already we begin to forget the stench coming from Europe again. When the masses relinquish their authority to a man or men, instead of  God, inevitable death will occur.

Why does Europe keep going back to the same model?  “The definition of insane is to continue doing the same failed experiment over and over” (close enough I think).

“Insane” is what I read last night and need to share (below).  Education is the only thing that will lead people out of serfdom and prevent sick people from coming to power.  I think those of us here in America just got a taste of what it looks like to have a President want to usurp the rights of citizenry.  I hope we have learned something and never look to a European model that gives rise to people like this:

“One day, a prisoner was sent to him because  one of the camp doctors, the infamous Nazi Dr Josef Mengele, wanted a photograph  of the man’s unusual tattoo.

“He said: ‘It was quite beautiful. It was a  tattoo of Adam and Eve standing before the Tree in the Garden of Eden, and it  had obviously been done by a skilled artist.’

About an hour after taking the  photograph,  he learned that the man had been killed. He was called by  another prisoner to  come to one of the camp crematoria where he saw the  dead man had been  skinned.

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