So I was checking my FFL this morning and saw this story about a great cardboard bike.  It took the guy over 2 years to finally get to market.  I said to my friend at work that I will go home at lunch and build a bike out of water. Not only that, but I will go home and build the bike then have it ready to produce by 3:00 PM and make millions by 5:ooPM!

Sure said my friend from work.

So it was 12:30PM and my bud next to me woke me up from my nap.  “What”? I said.  “Go make your bike dumbass and make millions!” he said.

I said “ok”.

I went home, took the ice cubes out of my freezer along with some toothpicks and made a bike.

I went back to work and my friend asked “Where is it”?  I told him “No worries, sent it to get a patent… I’ll have my money by COB”.

My friend asked, “Who will ride it?”, and I stated “it doesn’t matter comrade”.

At 3:00PM I received my patent from the government and they asked me; “Would you like some taxpayer money upfront to make this work?  It really does fit the EPA‘s “Green” initiative?”

I said “Wow”! You can do that!”  The Government official said; “Ahh… as long as you promise to hire certain people and use water the government wants you to use?”

The government official said… “Open the business by 4:00PM and the money will be wired to you.”  I told him “Awesome!”

So my friend from work looked at me and said “Your bike sucks but the Government will give you money?”

“Yes”, I said, but here is the kicker…

I opened a new bank account for my company and 570 MILLION rolled in. I was told to call a number to get employees.  I called the local union and she said she would need 220 million dollars for 60 workers.  I told her then and there I could get 120 workers for that price.  She said that I would risk having my business shut down in 30 minutes because of “damage”. I said, “ok”, send the 60 workers and she said “send the money first to my account and the transaction is complete.”

I did it online, she said thanks for the business and that was it. Hmmm. No workers, just, “thanks for the business?”

Then a politician called me and said that if I gave him 350 million he could have my ice-cube bikes sold by 5:00PM and I would get “MY FAIR SHARE” in return.

The politician sold the ice-cube bikes at a loss and then taxed me for opening a business!

“Well comrade”, I said to my friend from work, “There is a market for everything as long as the Government is in control, not to mention, I just wasted my afternoon.”

My friend said, “Don’t worry, we will have many years to sell these Volt’s, at least you tried.”