Romney understands how Marxists think… or does he?  Romney and Obama are very smart people, Romney was smartER tonight for a very important reason:

Mittens told Jim Lehrer, to his face, that PBS was on HIS chopping block if he becomes President!

Jim Lehrer

Jim Lehrer (Photo credit: wfuv)

Why is that important? Obama understands the Media as the MSM is his watchdog. Obama, like any potential tyrant, understands that control of the media is necessary to stay in power.Mitt Romney took Jim Lehrer out of the liberal media game and nullified him!

Understand this point…

Obama knew that once Mitt put Jim Lehrer and PBS in their place…  he was in for a long night.


Mitt took a tactic out of the Marxist playbook without even knowing it IMO.

Think about Obama calling out the Supreme Court during the State of the Union speech… Obama chastised the Court and he was able to get Obamacare passed as a “tax”.  By doing so, Obama did two things:

1) Obama sent a message to the Court that each Judge will be called out on everything and anything they do… by his media elites!

2)By doing this… Obama told the MSM that the Supreme Court Judges are in play!  Obama said to the MSM that each Justice is fair game and it is ok to diminish them (The Supreme Court Judges) as professionals.

That is how a Marxist/Socialist tyrant uses the media as attack dogs!

Mitt scared the hell out of not only Jim Lehrer, but I watched MSNBC and they saw one of their own get smacked down! Mitt essentially said this:

“I don’t care what media outlet you work for! I will call you out and tell you these are my plans and if the taxpayer is paying for your pulpit… watch out!”

He told Jim Lehrer, a Government employee, if I get the job… PBS is on the chopping block!

Mitt Romney Steve Pearce event 018

Mitt Romney Steve Pearce event 018 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Jim shut up and that is why MSNBC/MSM/NPR are very scared!

We have a candidate who gets it!  PBS is a loss for the American public and the taxpayer, hence, he (Mr. Lehrer) will be out of a job if Mitt get’s elected.

Mr. Lehrer knew he better watch his arse during the debate and play fair!

This is what the MSM needs to understand… Romney is for real and we, as Americans, know how to beat Marxists!


A dictator is a ruler (e.g. absolutist or autocratic) who assumes sole and absolute power (sometimes, but not always, with military control or bribes) but not officially sanctioned by heritage, as in an absolute monarch.[1] When other states call the head of state of a particular state a dictator, that state is called a dictatorship. The word originated as the title of a magistrate in ancient Rome appointed by the Senate to rule the republic in times of emergency (see Roman dictator and justitium).[2]

Official photographic portrait of US President...

Official photographic portrait of US President Barack Obama (born 4 August 1961; assumed office 20 January 2009) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)