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Total amount of US taxpayer dollars that ended up in the hands of the Muslim Brotherhood?

There is no love of country for a socialist.

Look at the amount of  “Green”, nonsensical companies that received taxpayer dollars via the Democrat House, Senate and President? Thousands.  The “Green” companies get their political favor/payment for voting Democrat and then shut the doors on labor. Money gone… up in smoke.  Right? Solyndra was about $550 million…

There is no love of country for a socialist.

So you have Sharia Law protecting bogus Sharia Banks with “fictional” Sharia Law “compliant” financial instruments that nobody can or will touch…  Why?  No politician will cry out against Sharia Law as that is racist!  Right?

Again… There is no love of country for a socialist.

Tax Payer Dollars (Stimulus) given to a solar and windmill industry to redistribute amongst Sharia Banks.  Then the money hits the street for a Muslim Brotherhood (socialists/union) uprising.

This is America?

Our elitist politicians actually think we don’t get it! We sure as hell do understand and The “First” Arab Spring was funded (in part) by the American taxpayer… (plus the second).

PLEASE… read about this great person, Nonie Darwish, who understands the movement she belonged to… and why she left Islam:

August 17, 2012

A Brave Challenge to Sharia in Egypt

By Nonie  Darwish

Could  this be the real Arab Spring?  This is huge!  The Muslim  world does not have to blame Pastor Terry Jones anymore for burning the Quran or  non-Muslims for desecrating it.  They are now in shock over seeing a  YouTube post of an Egyptian young man doing the unthinkable on camera: tearing  up the Quran and putting it in the trash.

This  is a summary translation of what he said:

There  it is, Allah’s book, this is the basic catastrophe. I don’t know what day it is  of this disgusting month of Ramadan! You are making the tearing of the Quran  such a big and dangerous thing.. it is instinctive to tear this book, those sons  of —– think they can threaten me and challenge me to tear the Quran, but I  want to proof to them that they are nothing and what is the big deal in tearing this book!! There it is (he  starts tearing the Quran) in the trash. Are you feeling better now! You cannot  touch a hair in my head! We keep blaming Hamas and Gaza, but it is not them, it  is this son of —– book that I am stepping on right now. That book is the  source of all evil and the real catastrophe. There is nothing new here, it is  not Omar Abdel Rahman, Abbud or all the others, it is this garbage that is  causing us to run in a demonic never-ending circle that will never  end.

The  young man’s worlds were very insulting, but, unfortunately, this is the same  language that Muslims commentators of this video use against him and against  anyone who leaves Islam.  The comments on this video are extremely violent  and scary, and more insulting than anything this young man may have said in the  video.  This is the kind of language many Muslims use against any critique  of Islam.  I am very worried about this young man, who seems to be living  in Egypt.  There are hundreds of fatwas of death issued against him  already, and the responses to the video threaten him: “I will kill you” or “I  will cut your tongue, your ears, your arms and legs, like Mohammed, and leave  you for dead.”

Instead  of giving religious visas to Islamists  who come to build mosques in America and preach hate, the U.S. should  immediately declare that anyone who leaves Islam and is threatened will get  priority visa to the U.S., ahead of  Islamists.  American embassies across the Muslim world should stop giving  religious visas, especially to those who are obviously Islamists, because by  doing that, we are breeding our own home-grown terrorists inside  America.

Throughout  the history of Islam, many people were tortured, beheaded, limbs cut, jailed,  ostracized — and for as little as accidentally stepping on the Quran.  The  sharia punishment for blasphemy of the Quran and Mohammed is death, even if the  perpetrator pleads that it was an accident and that he never meant to desecrate  the Quran.  There is a Filipino maid in the Arab Gulf who was jailed for  accidentally sitting on a Quran which was on a sofa.  Now the Muslim world  is starting to face the nightmare of a new kind of challenge from within:  Muslims deliberately challenging this taboo and putting their lives on the  line.

Islamic  customs have elaborate rituals giving the highest esteem to the book itself and  physically protecting the Quran from any disrespect.  I remember, as a  child, placing a schoolbook on top of the Quran on a table — my grandparents  harshly scolded me for doing that.  The message was often repeated over and  over again to never, ever place anything visually or mentally on top of the  Quran.  In the same year the Arabs conquered the Christian city of  Alexandria in Egypt, 639 AD, the Alexandria Library was burned, and the Quran  became the one and only source of knowledge to the country.

I  truly believe that the beginning of the end of Islam as we know it is  underway.  That will be the true Arab Spring.  The violence we are  seeing today in the Arab world will accelerate when such confrontations to Islam  increase and when the Muslim world wakes up from its 1,400-year  slumber.

In  the last chapter of my latest book The Devil We Don’t Know, I predicted  that Islam will fall like a house of cards, but the bloodshed will be huge, and  the world must leave the Muslim world to settle this on its own.  This is  the only way for Muslims to learn about their true enemy: sharia and Islam  itself as it is practiced today.  The number-one enemy of Islam is the  truth, and with today’s technology, many Muslims are seeing the truth clearly on  the internet, with satellite dishes, and  via mobile devices.

There  is an awakening worldwide — not only about Islam, but also about other similar  totalitarian ideologies.  Hopefully soon, next will be Western liberalism  and socialism, cousins and supporters of Islam and its tyranny.  All such  ideologies aim at covering up of the truth, using intimidation, fear-mongering,  and hatred — all of which is now prevalent in American politics  today.

It  is not just the Muslim world that is changing and needs change, but also Europe  and America.  We in America must also tear up books like Rules for  Radicals and other socialist propaganda of hatred.  Whether it is  Islamism or Socialism, these are ideologies base on lies, slander, control, and  hatred.  America must protect itself from such evil ideologies by  unapologetically confirming our Judeo-Christian culture and  Constitution.

Nonie  Darwish is author of The Devil We Don’t  Know.

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