What interested me most about the amount of money exchanging hands (sorry… redistributed), via the Stimulus, was the timing of the “Muslim Spring” across Africa.

Money laundering is how you take tax payer dollars that should be used for funding infrastructure, you launder it through a bogus “Green Solyndra” straw company then flip the millions to a bank like this that is Sharia compliant”… http://www.ijaraloans.com/?p=1

Now, I’m not saying this particular bank is in any way shape or form complicit in regards to transferring American taxpayer cash to the Muslim Brotherhood… However, am I wrong when I see something like this? (click link above):

(Click on the link and then go to “Chat with a scholar” on the right side)

What I saw was disturbing, in all my years, I have never seen a bank that openly subscribed to discussions about ir8337dijicd&&**.