“Obama Gave Entertainment Mag Interview on Peak Day of Embassy Protests…”


This to me transcends everything that makes our country so very special and includes everybody… respect for our American dead!

Put aside the class warfare, the Marxist stunts, forget the election year bravado and meaningless rhetoric… Go see the families and show the world America cares about its dead!

This just stinks to high hell!

4 dead American bodies shipped to AAB and where is our President? He should have been on the tarmac waiting for those bodies.  That’s what President’s do.

Instead he interviews for a damn magazine?!

One of the roles our President, not “must” do, but “should want to do” as a person first… then as an American, is meet with the families in public to show his support for them.  Common courtesy.

Instead he campaigns?

Does he not care about our fallen US citizens and the families mourning their losses?

No.. he doesn’t.

He is a disgusting person!