The amount of death to preserve our freedom and liberty? I think of it always. I also think of just how insignificant I am compared to the hero’s that died on these beaches so that I may raise my family free from tyranny. God bless their souls.


Near the end of our France tour, we spent an entire day visiting various D-Day locations and beaches.  We had a wonderful British ex-military guide that brought June 6, 1944 into vivid detail, and yet managed to focus on the positive and keep most of the day light.

Our first stop was the small town of Angoville au Plain outside Bayeux.  We went into a tiny church and all sat down on the benches.  There our guide Dale, told us the story of two paratrooper medics that made the very church we were sitting in a First Aid post.  He recounted the tale of incredible bravery and valor under the most stressful and horrific conditions imaginable.

As we were sitting in the church, it was very easy for us to imagine the scene, but there were elements we could not visualize.  The smell of sweat, blood, vomit and other such…

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