The Obama’ Regime will tackle China.

Here is how it plays out (in my little pea brain mind):

The Muslim Brotherhood will “socialize” all of North Africa and unite the oil fields that stretch from SA to M.

War… Israel fights a short war that is a limited nuclear stalemate… more on that later.


So the US deploys 90% of all military assets to the China Sea and lets Israel fight a war against Iran and Syria.

Don’t let the press fool you that there are 30 nations in the Straight right now protecting the oil and the mine sweepers. The Obama Admin wants Israel off the table and I don’t see Israel getting any more support from the US.

Israel can sustain themselves as long as they have logistical support (parts, gas etc…) but that’s about it from the US.

Israel will remain intact, I pray, but again with no support from the US again after the war with Syria and Iran.

The Muslim world is now under one black flag, one currency (sand kidding) and one leader.

Now to the Pacific…

If I were the Chinese Leadership, I would own the minerals of mother Russia in two weeks.  As soon as Israel and Iran exchange the first salvos, while the world is looking to the Middle East, Chinese human waves would head West.

That’s right, invade like G Khan and really take control the minerals that will stop Japanese manufacturing.

So, you would have the Middle East in pure chaos along with Japan, Russia and China (no India yet).

The Chinese will strike Japan and will not exist (nuclear) as we know Japan today. This will be in part because of God’s will for the crimes committed during “The Rape Nanking”?  Regardless, The Chinese people will never forget… ever.

The US would side with Russia eventually and that will create “constant conflict” between China, Russia and the US (Russia/US are allies).

This “constant conflict” is what tyrants (the derivative of socialism) need to stay in power.  That is what ChiCom leadership is doing today with the Chinese populace against Japan. Perpetuating the myth that Japan is the bad guy when it is the Chinese Leadership that cannot get their economy moving. Hence, keep the millions busy until we can figure out how to jumpstart the world economy.

It’s US/Russia Socialism vs. Chinese Communism.  Now you can perpetuate a war with each other and keep people occupied while the tyrants reset the financial system. Orwell 1984?

Russia and the US vs. China and the Brotherhood.

This will last for many decades and the dream of a free world will be lost.

I hope not. Your thoughts?

Socialism is a cancer because it will never be defeated.  It will always linger as a means and way for the frustrated malcontents in society to gain power and subjugate the masses.

The final vision of socialism is to have the “workers” or populace fight each other… there’s your brotherhood of man.

Socialism is the greatest lie ever created by man.

There will always be the person that will say “if we just tried it this way”… or  “just tried it that way”… “a socialist utopia would have worked”.

Socialism will never lift the poor to wealth like free market capitalism (thank you Milton Friedman).

Socialists are “the locusts” from Biblical teachings that will eat our moral fiber, destroy our cities and kill the nuclear family.

Socialism always ends in a tyrant or a 10% ruling class that pretends to care about the “working man”. There is the sin of it all.

Only the Free Markets truly help the working man because he or she is left alone to prosper.

I don’t want to be right about any of this, however, I can’t see it any other way.

The scary thing is we haven’t even discussed the hunger after the financial collapse?

Oh boy… pray.