The New Normal

“I never did think I would be having a “Going Away Party”. You only heard about this stuff from nonsensical folks who passed the day gossiping rather than working… nothing new there. Anyhow, my initial thoughts were; “Why must I have a GAP?” “I’m too young to be leaving my family behind… It’s just not fair!”

Well, early 40’s is the new life expectancy for the taxpayer. If you have a “Life Insurance Policy”, especially of 1 million dollars or more, plan on cashing it in for the 5K in gold!!!

I will miss my family but they need this money to pay the union.

I purchased my policy when I had my daughter 12 years ago to make sure my new family would have everything they needed if I were to die… by accident of course. I did not think I would be leaving my family, however, that is what we brave men do today (those of us that work and pay a tax to the “privileged”).

When you have a “GAP”, your family and neighbors usually plan the Party for you as it is supposed to be a surprise. Surprise! You’re going to meet your maker! Lol, the nice part is at least your family will have some more “10% Cash” (Used to be called “Food stamps”) after “The Leader” takes his cut.

Nobody saw this coming 2 years ago except for maybe a handful of the Worker Party who thought they could accomplish a takeover. Nobody expected a worldwide crash except the Worker Party who negotiated the pensions that crashed the system. The Worker Party took control, elected The Leader, The Leader killed the members of the Worker Party that put him in power (just like Stalin/Trotsky) to cover his tracks and put his family in power as the “10%”. That’s what happened in a nutshell but we are not allowed to talk about it, unless you are having a “GAP” scheduled then it really doesn’t matter.

My daughter is 12 as I stated before and I love her more than anything else in the world. We say prayers every night together, in secret, and talk about her future after her mandated 8 years of curriculum are over. My wife is the greatest person in the whole world and is perhaps the greatest parent in the world as her morals and ethics will keep my daughter on the straight and narrow till she understands what she wants to do with her life. I hope she doesn’t get picked to be a member of the “10%”… death doesn’t scare me, but for my daughter to be “picked” scares me. My wife would never let that happen… I pray.

“Going Away Parties” are supposed to be secret, however, nothing is secret nowadays and the life insurance policies are kept in place to euthanize as many men as possible. That’s my opinion. The bottom line is my one million dollar policy will be cashed in after my death; tribute to The Leader is paid (approximately ½ of the payout or 5K in gold) and my family keeps the other 5K in gold. Wow! What a great guy our Leader is! Just leave my family alone after I’m dead as that is all I care about.

The benefits for our Leader and the 10% are;

• One less person to feed

• One more woman to give birth to a 10% Baby (if my wife is “needed)

When I finish work today I will go home and there will be a “surprise” party for me. My family will be there along with my neighbors and we will all have a great time… then “My Method” will be introduced.

“The Method” I chose was cyanide. Quick, easy and no real pain from what I understand… sorry I’m crying it’s just that I don’t want to leave my daughter. I know she will be ok but I love her so much and I just want to protect her from all the evil in this God forsaken world. The Leader said he will protect everyone but it’s just not the same as me being here. My wife will be too busy working and she may become pregnant again so who is to say my daughter will be ok?

I must finish my work now and get home to my party. I only have 60 cans of ash left to close and my quota for the hour will be completed. I was moving much quicker than the slouch next to me as he toils about most of the time… must be nice to have a connection to The Family like he does. I told him I would not be back to work, ever, and he asked me if he could have my lunch till it is found out I am gone. My death must be made official and sometimes it can take weeks for The Family to get the paperwork done, hence, he gets my meals for a short period of time.

I must be a man now, finish up and go home to my party. I will love to make love to my wife one last time as she is the greatest woman in the world… sorry, I’m crying again.

I will miss them both.”


I See Filth Tonight…

Obama won, I get it, do you?  A local leader sold out his people and it’s filthy.  A local leader who thinks he can do an end run on a President while he sells out his base.

The local leader wants his fiefdom.  The local leader wants a certain impunity from the law so he can “manage” his welfare state the way he wants to… like a prince.

The local leader thinks that when the President is done with his second term he can stab him in the back and win the Grand Prize! I say, this Mussolini who gave away his people to a Hitler does not know or understand history.

I cleaned up two houses today in the wake of a hurricane and the filth I stepped in was nothing compared to the filth that I see in the picture below:

May God help them both.

More Death Coming Our Way

Socialism?  Three generations and already we begin to forget the stench coming from Europe again. When the masses relinquish their authority to a man or men, instead of  God, inevitable death will occur.

Why does Europe keep going back to the same model?  “The definition of insane is to continue doing the same failed experiment over and over” (close enough I think).

“Insane” is what I read last night and need to share (below).  Education is the only thing that will lead people out of serfdom and prevent sick people from coming to power.  I think those of us here in America just got a taste of what it looks like to have a President want to usurp the rights of citizenry.  I hope we have learned something and never look to a European model that gives rise to people like this:

“One day, a prisoner was sent to him because  one of the camp doctors, the infamous Nazi Dr Josef Mengele, wanted a photograph  of the man’s unusual tattoo.

“He said: ‘It was quite beautiful. It was a  tattoo of Adam and Eve standing before the Tree in the Garden of Eden, and it  had obviously been done by a skilled artist.’

About an hour after taking the  photograph,  he learned that the man had been killed. He was called by  another prisoner to  come to one of the camp crematoria where he saw the  dead man had been  skinned.

Read more: Follow us: @MailOnline on Twitter | DailyMail on Facebook.”

Putin Scared of What? Communist China and Islam

China does not trust a quasi/capitalist Russia.  Islam will be Georgia… I say this because of the UN and Putin knows this.

Georgia is 75% Christian and shrinking. Why?  “Nuclear Family”.  Georgia is Holy Russia regardless of Stalin.  Stand by Georgia and Israel always.

Why is King Putin so worried?

1.2 billion Chinese and 1 billion Muslims.

What I saw today truly scared me… the Kutno Ghetto from The Daily Mail.

When I read through the Mail today at lunch, bypassing the nonsense from the American MSM, a beautiful story caught my eye.

The story, that was so “beautiful”, was about the Jewish ghetto in Warsaw called Kutno.

My wife and I visited the Holocaust Museum in Washington DC twenty years ago and it had a profound impact on us.

Such a beautiful smile on this woman, and I know in my heart, she knew death was near.

We must understand socialism, history, God‘s People and The Bible/Torah. That simple.

Such a beautiful face.

The New Cardboard Bike… AWESOME!!! Ahhh, not really.

So I was checking my FFL this morning and saw this story about a great cardboard bike.  It took the guy over 2 years to finally get to market.  I said to my friend at work that I will go home at lunch and build a bike out of water. Not only that, but I will go home and build the bike then have it ready to produce by 3:00 PM and make millions by 5:ooPM!

Sure said my friend from work.

So it was 12:30PM and my bud next to me woke me up from my nap.  “What”? I said.  “Go make your bike dumbass and make millions!” he said.

I said “ok”.

I went home, took the ice cubes out of my freezer along with some toothpicks and made a bike.

I went back to work and my friend asked “Where is it”?  I told him “No worries, sent it to get a patent… I’ll have my money by COB”.

My friend asked, “Who will ride it?”, and I stated “it doesn’t matter comrade”.

At 3:00PM I received my patent from the government and they asked me; “Would you like some taxpayer money upfront to make this work?  It really does fit the EPA‘s “Green” initiative?”

I said “Wow”! You can do that!”  The Government official said; “Ahh… as long as you promise to hire certain people and use water the government wants you to use?”

The government official said… “Open the business by 4:00PM and the money will be wired to you.”  I told him “Awesome!”

So my friend from work looked at me and said “Your bike sucks but the Government will give you money?”

“Yes”, I said, but here is the kicker…

I opened a new bank account for my company and 570 MILLION rolled in. I was told to call a number to get employees.  I called the local union and she said she would need 220 million dollars for 60 workers.  I told her then and there I could get 120 workers for that price.  She said that I would risk having my business shut down in 30 minutes because of “damage”. I said, “ok”, send the 60 workers and she said “send the money first to my account and the transaction is complete.”

I did it online, she said thanks for the business and that was it. Hmmm. No workers, just, “thanks for the business?”

Then a politician called me and said that if I gave him 350 million he could have my ice-cube bikes sold by 5:00PM and I would get “MY FAIR SHARE” in return.

The politician sold the ice-cube bikes at a loss and then taxed me for opening a business!

“Well comrade”, I said to my friend from work, “There is a market for everything as long as the Government is in control, not to mention, I just wasted my afternoon.”

My friend said, “Don’t worry, we will have many years to sell these Volt’s, at least you tried.”

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